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I am an African American woman. As a teen, I used to have bigger, fuller and longer hair. About three inches longer passed my shoulders. After I had my son, my hair grew about two and a half inches more. However, a year later it started to get really bad split ends. Thinking my hair was going to grow rapidly, I decided to cut it short.  So I had it cut off about four inches shorter. I soon realized that my hair wasn't growing as fast as I thought it should be so I desperately started researching hair growth products and stumbled across Rapid Step 1 shampoo and Rapid Step 2 conditioner. *

This product is a miracle! I will keep using it until I'm going to achieve the length I want for my hair. I love it! *

I bought this product after going through chemotherapy. I noticed significant hair growth within 3 weeks, probably half an inch. It's been a month since I started using it and I've had at least a total of 1.5 inches new hair growth. *

May hair really grows faster than what I expected in just 6 weeks. And it smells great.*

This hair growing product really works for African American women like me. My hair growth used to be too slow but after using it, it grew an inch more each month as opposed to half an inch and it doesn't smell bad. The only downside is it can make your curly hair really dry that you will have a hard time combing it because you will be required to wash your hair every two days. In this case, I suggest that you wash your hair in braids to minimize dryness. *

It's been 1 month and 2 weeks since I used this product and I think it doesn't really have an effect on me than on my daughter. The good result on her hair was obvious that I have decided to re-order for her. *

If you are looking for a product that can treat your thinning hair, I highly recommend this. It has made my hair longer and thicker in just 4 weeks. *

This product really helps your hair grows faster than any other products out there but you have to be consistent with using it. *

The shampoo and conditioner really worked for my shoulder level hair. I also took vitamin B complex while I'm using the product and my hair has grown to my breast in just 2 months. I will definitely keep using it. *

I noticed that hair grew for at least an inch and a half since I started using it a month ago. Although it dries my hair a bit it still impressed me. *

If you have previously used hair color, I recommend you take Vitamin B while using this product because it has a different effect to highlighted hair. *

OMG, this product is awesome! I will keep using it because it really works on my hair.*

Two things, Rapid products smell great and grow your hair. *

My hairdresser accidentally cut my hair real short and I had to use a hair growth product to expedite the growing process and this product was faster than I expected. I'm a happy camper. *

My hair grew an inch and a half longer in just 4 weeks. The first week didn't have much result because I was using the shampoo and conditioner every other day. When I tried using it every day, my hair has grown faster. I will surely re-order it. *

My hair amazingly grew a few inches in just 8 weeks I didnメt have to use perm anymore for my flyaway hair. It really worked well. I love it. *

I was very reluctant of this product because of the negative reviews I read from the website about the product breaking the hair off or about its ineffective conditioner but when I started using it I proved myself wrong because the product really worked well and it lathers very well as opposed to what others have claimed on their reviews. Maybe this product has different effects to different hair types because I followed direction and it works well on me. If it doesnメt work well for your hair, I suggest using alternative hair treatment to prevent breakage while growing your hair out using this product. *

I had other hair problems aside from my extremely short hair and a friend recommended Rapid shampoo and conditioner. I was hesitant to use the product because if a product is expensive it must have expensive and strong chemicals in it. But I had no choice; I'm desperate to grow my hair. Luckily for me, it was compatible with my hair and I grow at least half an inch each month which other hair growth products can't do and it also cure my other hair problems such as dullness and hair fall. *

The product is so effective I want to think it's magic. It made my hair grow more than its usual growth and it felt softer. *

It worked on mine and daughter's hair so I wasnメt thinking it is going to work on my son's too. But it did! Now he's got fuller and shinier hair. *

I don't know why but it didn't improve my hair growth as what it did to my friend's. I will use a different product and compare the result. *

I've been through major surgery and strong drugs made my hair thin. I used Rapid shampoo and conditioner to remedy my thinning hair and it greatly helped. I noticed fine hair growing out in just 2 weeks and now my hair started to get thicker so I have no plans of replacing this product. *

I had a super slow growing hair and I will be hosting a very important event in about 5 months so I desperately needed a fast hair growing product for my pixie cut. This product amazingly grew my hair half an inch every 2 weeks and it's only been 7 weeks since I started using it and I felt that it has done its job. This is worth the wait. *

I think this product didn't help much with my hair growth I had to take Beta-Carotene in order to maximize the growth of my hair. But I'm still going to recommend this product because it improved the quality of my hair. *

I am Black American and I have thick and naturally strong hair but since itメs kinky, my only problem was growing it out. This problem led me to using Rapid shampoo and conditioner. Yes, it has grown my hair rapidly. The name really speaks for itself. But later I noticed that my hair started to fall out and I got severe breakage I had to cut them off because they looked terrible. I was really worried I lose all my hair so I stopped using it before it's too late. *

Like other users, I found it hard to believe that my hair has grown this long after 2 months. I've never used hair growth supplements along with this product so it is clear that the shampoo and conditioner combo was very effective. *

I have a lot to say about Rapid hair growth product but I'll sum it up by saying that it really made my hair grow about 30% longer. Just follow directions closely and you're good. *

This product gave me what I wanted for just $30. *

Rapid step 1 + Rapid step 2 + Biotin = happiness overload. *

My hair grew a few inches within a month but the shampoo dried my hair and the conditioner could not counteract its strength so I took vitamins and used Lavender Essential Oil which is good for dry hair.*

I got a really bad hair cut 3 months ago because I tried a newly opened barber shop. The barber couldn't follow instructions and ended up shaving my hair about an inch from my scalp. My girlfriend didn't like it and I was so worried I desperately looked for a fast hair growing shampoo over the internet and I came across this product. It's a bit expensive but it didn't matter anymore as long as I grow my hair back. I also took some vitamins. Now my hair is longer in just 2 months and will probably be back to its original length in approximately 4 months. *

This product saved my hair from further damage. I used to wear hair extensions but they caused severe damage so I had to switch to hair grower and it really worked. I got longer hair in just two months. Now I wanna say goodbye to damaged hair. *

Who says this product damage the hair? I don't know how they used it but I have been using it for 6 months now and so far the only thing that it did was grow my hair. *

It did well. My hair has grown longer in just 2 months. *

I got myself a terrible boy cut 4 months ago and nobody liked it and because they didn't like it I came to hate it as well. I was so desperate to grow it back to chin length after a day of cutting it. I thought it was not possible until I tried Rapid shampoo and conditioner. Now my hair has almost touched my shoulders and it has only been 2 and a half months. *

I got my bangs cut really short to my hairline I looked like Velma of Scooby Doo. My friends started to make fun of me so I started using Rapid products.  I realized that it was not only my bangs that grew quickly, but my entire hair. I was really glad about it. My hair has grown so fast my bangs reached past my eyebrows in just 3 weeks. *

My new job demands too much of my time and energy that I was under an enormous amount of stress for the first 2 weeks. I had lack of sleep, poor diet and my days were all about coffee and sugar resulting in a massive hair loss. I was so worried that I'll lose all of my hair so I started using this product. To my amazement, the breakage stopped in less than 2 weeks and fine hair started to grow.  I know this product doesn't literally make your hair grow but once your hair emerge outside your scalp, the shampoo make it grow faster. *

I was reluctant to use this product at first because it has sulfate in it. Sulfate makes hair dry because it is a very strong cleaning chemical but then again I wanted to grow my hair faster so I gave it a go. It truly was very drying but it really increased the growth rate of my hair so what I did was use a leave on conditioner to protect my hair from dryness. Now, I'm still using the product. *

I'm not really into expensive products, even with the things I wear. But I made this product and exemption because I really needed it for the growth of my hair. The first 2 weeks was really unnerving because nothing was happening. It's an expensive product so I had to take hair measurements to make sure I was not scammed or something. But I didn't see improvements. Luckily, things started occurring on the following week. Hair growth started to show. I'm really glad I didn't quit. *

I've only been using the shampoo and conditioner for 2 weeks and it didn't have obvious results yet but I was happy because they shipped my product real fast. I hope I will see more results in the coming weeks. *

I got this haircut called choppy pixie something and it was super short. I thought I'd look cool with it but then a friend told me it made me look so much older than my age so I immediately started using this product. My hair grew about half an inch more than my regular growth rate in just 3 weeks. It was really impressive. So far it doesn't have any unpleasant effects on me so I'll keep using it. Nice job guys! *

This product is incomparable. The progress it did to my hair growth is extraordinary. And not only that, it also made my hair shinier than ever. I just love it. *

Most Canadian products I've tried really gave good results so I am expecting this to be the same. I'll be updating this review very soon. *

I am African American woman and my hair growth is naturally sluggish but this product works magic on my hair. It's really hard to believe but the fast growth rate is really very obvious. The only trouble is it got my hair dry but the conditioner and essential oil are really helping a lot. This product is worth the price. *

This product is awesome! Whoever believes everything about this product is just hearsay is missing one half of their life. If you have a problem growing your hair, give it a go. I can verify the effect of this product is authentic. *

I've been using the product or 5 months. The first thing I noticed within the first few weeks of using it was the improving quality of my hair. It became more and more soft and strong I barely saw strands of hair left on my hairbrush. The fast growth occurred after a month. It really works and it has change my hair so much. *

I was told by my doctor that the thinning of my hair was natural because of my age and it didn't have the potential to replace what was lost so I felt really helpless. I still grew new hair on the thinning area but they were so fine I thought they'd never grow longer until I used this product. After a month of using it I noticed that my fine hair has started a gradual growth. And in 6 months, my hair condition has become a little better than before I used the product. My hair is still thin but at least I'm not going to get bald. *

I knew this product was going to work but I was not expecting extraordinary results. So I was really astounded when I realized my hair has grown 3 inches longer in just a month! I know it sounds too good to be true but try it for yourself and be amazed. *

Growing out my hair was never that easy. It was really a struggle to reach this long but I was very determined and this product really helped increase the growth rate. Even though it made my hair dry and slightly brittle the tip, I didn't mind at all. Those things can be resolved but the growth of my hair. *

My hair has never been this long in just 3 months! I so love it! *

I'm an impulsive person. I buy things without a second thought and then regret at the end of the day but I keep doing it over and over. It goes the same way with cutting my hair. I cut my hair today and then days later I start to get bored and dream of a new cut. But what haircut can I have when I already have the shortest hair? Unless I wanna shave it off. And it's where my longing for a longer hair starts. And this pattern keeps on repeating. So I thought I really need a hair growth product to satisfy my needs. I've been using this product for more than a year now and so far it hasn't disappoint me. It doubles the growth rate of my hair. *

This product is a pro. The growth rate of my hair has dramatically increased it was very impossible not to notice it. Everyone in the family has noticed it too. I would definitely recommend this product. *

Based on my 8 months experience of using this product, it really has a high performance level when it comes to growing hair. I highly recommend this to people who want to grow their hair faster. *

This is a quality product that's capable of producing good results.  I am very happy and very satisfied with the increase of hair growth it provided. *

The strong point of this product is it grows the hair 2 times faster than the normal hair growth. The weak point is it dries the hair and could even lead to severe dryness if not remediated right away. I know these because I've been using the product for a year now. *

My mom bought this product for me because it was effective on her. We have the same hair type, thick and curly so we were both expecting this to work on my hair as how it was on hers. It has only been days and it made my thick hair manageable. If you have healthy hair, fast hair growth will not be impossible so let's see what happens in the next few weeks. *

All hair growth products I've used in the past didn't work on my hair but this one at least gave me visible results so it's a reason enough for me to stick on it. *

I think I'm gonna be using this shampoo for the rest of my life because not only did it grow my hair faster, it also make my hair shiny and strong. *

I have a really curly hair and have experienced thinning due to giving birth. This product really made my hair became fuller and longer again with the help of postnatal vitamins and hair essential oil because this product can also be very drying. If you have hair like mine, I'm sure this product will work on you with proper care. *

I liked this product. It worked well on my hair. I would definitely by recommend this to anyone.*

This product has just arrived yesterday and I have used it twice. It has good smell and it clean really well. I hope it is going to grow my hair faster. I'm crossing my fingers. *

I just recently bought the product and so far it has made my hair softer. I'll be back for more update. *

I'm glad I called up the company to ask for free samples. They gave me a code and all I had to pay for was shipping. I don't like trying out products that I have to pay for first, especially if the have bad reviews. I love the products. *

Two inches in less than a month, where do you get this result? Simple Use Rapid Step 1 and 2. I know I did. *

They promise and they deliver - that's what I love about Rapid Step 1 and 2. I've grown an inch of hair in a month, and that is fast! Too bad it's pricey though. *

Guys in my office are starting to notice how long and healthy my hair has become. It's amazing! *

This is one of those products that live up to its claims. I, however, am one of those impatient customers who do not want to do anything more other than to just wash my hair and get out of the shower as fast as I can. I just can't stand rinsing it with hot water everyday; it's time-consuming. *

Despite the dry hair reviews I read online about your product, I went ahead and bought it. Although the reviews were true, I was blown away by how fast my hair has grown. This is more than enough for me. *

Rapid Step 1 Shampoo and Rapid Step 2 Conditioner are lovely! My hair feels softer and smells great. *

Yours doesn't fall on false advertising category. I was pleasantly surprised how well it works on my hair. *

I adore it, nay, I worship your product. I've grown a few inches of hair just by using that tiny 120z bottle combo. *

When picking out hair products, I'm very keen on researching it. This product has had various mixed reviews, but since I had attended beauty school before I know a great product when I see one. I'm never wrong. This is a great product, gives about an inch of hair growth in 4-6 weeks. Average hair growth is 6 inches per year, so just imagine the difference. *

Choosing great hair products for my curly is a tedious task, especially if your hair is at chest length and quite unruly. Do you get the picture of how my hair looks like now? Now my mom's friend told my mom about this great product, so I asked my mom if she buy one for me. She did, and I'm really enjoying it. My curly, unruly hair is a lot more manageable now. I have nothing but love for this product. *

The products came right on schedule. They came in the right bottle size for the price I paid, unlike the brand I used to patronize. *

My hair was always right below my ears before i used this product. It grows really slow. So I used it last March and by the end of July, my hair had grown out past my boobs. I was so amazed. *

My daughter had requested this product as a gift. Her friends told her how good it was. My kids like it. *

Nevermind that this product smells a bit funky, what's important is that it works as advertised. It will make you grow your hair at a rapid rate. That's the purpose of a hair grower product, isn't it? *

It works well, my son said. I tried it and well, let's say I'll be reaching out for my credit card once my supply's gone. *

Here's the trick, get one of those leave-on conditioners the next time you use the product. It won't dry up your hair. I know because that's what I do. *

My girlfriend loved the gift I gave her. It was your product. Now she said she wants to have the same kind of hair I have. *

Stress causes hair loss, and when I started experiencing it, I looked for your product. Thankfully I found it online; Local stores don't carry your brand. I will be buying more from this seller. *

The next time I grow my hair long again, I'm definitely ordering from you. This product just works! *

It's refreshing to find a product that lives up to its claims. Kudos! *

I can attest to the effect of Rapid Step 1 and 2, it does make your hair grow faster! I've decided to donate that extra growth come February. *

There is no denying, Rapid Step 1 and 2 totally works. Try it! *

I adore its pleasant scent and how my hair looks darker now. Something needs to be done on it causing dandruff thought. Maybe you could make an anti-dandruff variant? *

For something this incredible, I don't mind shelling out a few extra bucks! It smells fantastic and works, too! *

Two weeks into using the products, I had slight changes. By the 4th week, my side burns started growing, but some areas didn't have uniform growth. I was really concerned with that. Could someone tell me why this is the case? *

I've used this product for a month now and I've seen significant hair growth. I'm yours for life now! *

Rapid growth? Not really. Yes, it did help with a few inches or more, but it could do better. Amazing scent, though! I'm hooked. *

I had called several stores in my locality looking for this product. My hairdresser has recommended it but even sh can't buy it locally. I'm glad I found it online. People say it makes your hair dry out. Well, that only happens if you don't follow the instructions. Read. Follow. Be Happy. It's as simple as that. *

It grows my hair fast and gives it volume, what's not to love about it, eh? *

It smells fresh, it made my naturally curly hair change texture, and it made it fuller. What's not to love about it? I'll be updating this comment in a few weeks to see if it will grow long as it promises to be. But so far, I'm quite contented with what I got. *

I had extremely damaged hair and this product enhanced the growth and my hair's condition. If you want to grow your hair but you worry because you have damaged hair, don't hesitate to try this product out. *

It works but not super fast like what others claimed. But this is the only product that works on my hair so I don't really have a choice. *

I have tried almost all hair growth products in the past and nothing worked better than this product. I have wavy red hair with fine strands and it has significantly grown for the past months. I also noticed that my hair has become shinier.  I have been taking hair vitamins before I used this product but my hair has never been this shiny. So using this product along with vitamins really provides phenomenal effect. *

I have naturally thick and dark brown hair about 14 inches long but I would like it to be much longer than how it is now. So I ordered Rapid step 1 and 2. It arrived 3 days after buying it online. About 12 days ago, I started using it by washing my hair everyday and letting the conditioner set for about 5-6 minutes. The conditioner made my hair super smooth maybe because I am also taking vitamins for the skin and hair. I measured my hair yesterday and it went up from 14 inches to 14.5 inches. So it means I grew half an inch in less than two weeks which is an astounding progress. This product is great. I highly recommend using this product. *

The product is really worth the price because it really did what it was supposed to do and unlike other hair growth products, its smell is great and is long lasting. And the manufacturer ships really fast. I liked the product and would definitely keep using it. *

I haven't encountered any problem while growing my hair growing this product. It worked well. *

At first I thought that what I read about the product is too good to be true but when I started using it I saw that all those good testimonials were true. My hair started growing on a fast rate after a week and it also made my hair softer. I'm certainly going to reorder it another bottle. *

The shampoo smells good but it somewhat has drying effect on my hair and the conditioner is not much of a help. *

I got a short, soft and curly hair which I wanna grow out faster because it's starting to grow and the curls looked messy and crowded all over my head.  So I ordered this stuff but I didn't use it twice for every wash as recommended as it is a bit expensive. What I did was use a cheaper hair growth shampoo instead of using Rapid twice in one wash. Rapid Step 1 shampoo lathers more than the cheaper product and it got a gentler scent than the cheaper shampoo. Because I shampoo twice, my hair became dry but the conditioner was also very effective. Aside from the conditioner, I also used olive oil or lavender oil to retain the moisture of my hair. From the normal growth of .5 inches a month, it dramatically increased to 1-2 inches so that alone made m extremely happy even if the product is expensive. *

I was shedding a lot before I used the product but the shedding declined when I used it. I also took vitamin b complex so maybe that was also one of the reasons. My hair is currently growing about 1 inch each month and I'm happy with it because my hair can barely grow half an inch in a month. Like what other users said, it can be very drying and the conditioner does not moisturize very well so what I did was pour a lot of its conditioner on my hair, leave it for about 5 minutes and rinse it. After shower, I used leave on conditioner of different brand. And continue using biotin. It really help minimize the dryness of your hair and maximize its growth rate. *

I have an unusually thick hair and it only grows more or less than half an inch within 2 months which is unusually slow so now that I need it longer it would take patience, extra care and Rapid shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo worked great, because it added an extra 1.5 inch in 4 weeks to my centimeter long usual growth. But like what others said, it is drying because of sulfate in it and the fact that you had to use it twice on every wash increased the dryness of your hair. In order to avoid severe dryness, I applied hair masque and hair treatment every other day. I also make sure to drink a lot of water every day to retain body moisture. I am satisfied with the result and will continue to use this product until I get the length I desire. *

This product has grown my hair more than half an inch in just 3 weeks but it fades my hair color and it dries the hair like a straw that was why I started to use biotin and leave-on conditioner and it started to feel light and manageable.  The color dramatically faded so I decided not to put color on it while using the shampoo. I like how it is making my hair longer. *

I think the product works. I haven't really monitored it daily because I'm super busy but I think my hair grows a little faster and it feels clean. My mom said it's working so it's probably working on me too. I think I'll be back for a more accurate review. *

When I heard about the product, it was all too good to be true until I've tried it out myself. I was really amazed and awestruck at how effective it was. I was already aware about the drying part and already knowledgeable about home remedies because I searched the internet before I bought it so everything worked really well. *

Every product has advantages and disadvantages and Rapid product is no exemption. The qualities that this product has are the good scent, it truly speed up the growth of your hair to probably 20%-30% depending on the current condition of your hair, it also cleanses the hair very well. The not-so-good qualities that this product has are, it dries the hair due to sulfate, and it could generate dandruff that may lead to breakage if dryness if not treated properly. The conditioner does not moisturize very well so you may end up spending more for extra conditioner. So basically, it is the shampoo that primarily does the job. Anyway, this statement is only based on my personal experience. *

The shampoo really works but the conditioner don't moisturize well. You have to use the shampoo every day to enhance your hair growth potentials but every day use can dry you hair as it did with mine so you really need to use an effective conditioner. Since I didn't find their conditioner to be effective at all, I used a conditioner of different brand and it worked pretty well. *

I had a minor accident and I had to cut my hair short. I didn't like my short hair so I bought this product and everyone instantly noticed the difference. They noticed the unusual glow of my hair and how it grew so fast. I would definitely keep using this product. *

I had a really bad chemical straightening that I had to cut my hair off. It made me feel bad because my hair wasn't growing fast as how it should be. Found this product on a magazine and bought it right away. After a month of using the product, my hair amazingly grew faster. I have visible hair growth at the roots about an inch. A few downside though, the shampoo dried my hair due to every day wash and I had to use extra conditioning to prevent total dryness. I also colored my hair before I used the product and it faded the color out. But I like that it grew my hair at a fast rate. *

I'm not sure if this product really grows my hair because it seems too good to be true. But I think it works because others did notice it too. *

I liked ruining my hair with bleach and I love cutting it off afterwards. I know I may sound crazy but I really do it very often like a deep seated illness. Anyway, I used this product despite of all the terrible reviews. And this time I wanna say to everyone that it didn't damage my already damaged hair, instead it felt a little stronger than it has ever been and a lot longer in just 6 months.  It's honesty at its best. People around me even noticed the changes. So I will definitely recommend. *

About 2 weeks ago, I had the ugliest haircut ever. After 2 weeks it has transformed to a cool, messy looking hair. This product is awesome! *

I used this product due to a haircut gone wrong. I was so desperate to grow my hair to be able to get a new haircut that I like. This product grew my hair a few inches longer than usual after 6 weeks. This is really an effective product and I'm going to continue using this product. *

Both Fast Hair Growth Shampoo and conditioner are fabulous. I have been using this product for 9 months. *