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Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Hair Fast That Won't Break the Bank

Hair Grows

You are constantly bombarded with images of how beautiful long hair is in society.  Some even push wigs, extensions, and other products to get you the hair of your dreams.  That doesn’t mean you should give up on your own hair.  Growing lush, beautiful hair fast can sometimes seem impossible.  The truth is that you might be sabotaging your efforts to grow the hair that you have always wanted.  You may find out that there are things that you should be doing to get your hair growing faster than before that you are not doing.  You many also find things that you shouldn’t do and are guilty of doing to your hair.  Knowledge is power, and you’re about to gain that power for yourself.

How Hair Grows

The first thing you need to know is how does your hair grow.  Not understanding this process may hamper you in understanding what is helpful and what is not for your hair.  When you are born, you have all of the follicles that you will ever have in your life.  There are about five million, and there are about 100,000 of them located on your scalp.  Inside of these follicles, a root will begin to grow in the bottom of it.  This is a root made of protein, and it will be fed from blood that is taken from the blood vessels that are located in your scalp.  The hair will be pushed through your skin as it grows, and this is where your oil glands will add oil to it.  This oil acts as a natural way to keep it soft and shiny, but when you get too much oil, your hair will get greasy.  Your hair is made up of keratin, which is the same material as your nails.  


Eating a diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients is an excellent first step in growing your hair fast.  The healthier your body is, the healthier your hair will be.  You need to feed it.  Foods that are rich in zinc, vitamin A, iron, magnesium, vitamin B, copper, selenium, vitamin C, and vitamin E are all great for your hair.  Omega-3 fatty acids are known for being good for your brain, but foods that are rich in this nutrient are also very good for your hair.


Water is something that you should be drinking to stay hydrated, but many people are guilty of not getting the recommended amount of water a day.  Drinking eight glasses of water a day is also a good idea for your hair.

Say No to Cleanses

Many of the cleanses that are available today are actually bad for your hair because they are often depriving you of the vitamins and minerals that your hair needs to grow.  A cleanse may also make your skin seem a bit ho-hum, as well.  Avoiding these cleanses are a good way to help get your hair growing faster than ever.


Eggs are one food that is perfect to add to your diet because they offer protein, zinc, selenium, sulfur, iron, and phosphorus in them naturally.  However, eggs are not only good for your hair by eating them, but they can also make a great mask for your hair.  You will want to mix an egg with lavender oil and grapeseed oil.  This mixture should be applied to your hair and left to sit for about an hour before rinsing it out.  Another mask you can try is egg yolk mixed with olive oil applied to your scalp.  You can leave this on for about 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

You may even want to consider putting a shower cap over your hair while using these egg masks or other hair masks as it will help to heat it up.  This will help it better absorb into your scalp and hair. 

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary is a pretty amazing essential oil and has many uses.  One of the myriad uses for rosemary oil is hair growth.  Rosemary oil can be applied to your hair and scalp to experience an increase in circulation, a decrease in the amount of hair you loose after you shampoo it, and an improvement in how the hair resists traction.  You will just want to apply a few drops to your scalp or use a rosemary shampoo.

Castor Oil

Castor oil might sound nasty from hearing about how kids were given it to help them be healthy, but it’s actually a good thing to have in your hair care arsenal.  Castor oil is full of fatty acids and vitamin E, both of which are great for your hair.  You can mix this with another oil, such as coconut or almond oil, and use it to massage into your hair and scalp.  Leave it on for about a half hour to 45 minutes.  You will then want to shampoo your hair.  If you want it to smell nice, you can add some rosemary, lavender or other essential oils to it. 

Avoid Stress

Yes, avoid stress.  Stress is not a good feeling for your body, and it can cause health problems.  It can also impact your hair and how it is growing.  Some people can become so stressed out that they actually start losing hair because of the stress.  Look for ways to avoid stress in your life to help your hair start growing to its full potential.  The next idea is a great way to help with stress.

Scalp Massage

A scalp massage can work wonders on your follicles.  Rubbing and massaging the scalp will help to increase circulation in it.  That means that the roots in the follicles will be getting an infusion of blood from these blood vessels.  You can even add some essential oils to the mix, such as the rosemary oil previously mentioned, for even more benefits.  This will release stress and help your hair.

Shampoo Regime

You may be under the mistaken thought that you need to shampoo your hair daily for it to look its best, but you are actually doing more damage by cleansing it this often.  Shampoos work to strip the oil out of your hair, which is a good thing when you have too much of it and your hair feels greasy, but it can make it so that there is not enough oil in your hair to keep its natural shininess and softness.  This could even be contributing to your hair getting brittle and dry.  You should only be using shampoo products on your hair about two to three times a week to allow the natural oils to do their magic.  This may not work for people that have oil glands that keep their hair naturally oily, so you may want to adjust this schedule to fit your own hair needs.  Some hair products are not as harmful to the natural oils of your hair, and you can follow their directions to see how often you should be using them.

Scalp Care

To achieve healthy hair, you also have to provide your scalp with the care that it needs.  That means if you have an itchy scalp or suffer from dandruff, you need to work on these issues.  When your scalp is not functioning properly, there is a good chance that it may be impacting your hair growth.  Dandruff and other skin conditions on your scalp can actually block up your follicles and prevent them from growing hair.  Clearing up the condition that is causing the blockage will aid in your strides towards having the head of hair that you truly want.

Cool Rinse

You may have heard that a hot shower can be bad for your skin because it drys it out, but this is also true for your hair.  After you wash you hair, you should be rinsing your hair with cool water.  The cool water will help to strengthen your hair and seal up your hair’s cuticle.

Improve Circulation

This one may sound a little crazy, but you can improve the circulation in your scalp by flipping your hair upside down.  You can do this for just a few minutes a day, and have this help your circulation.  Your blood will pool in your scalp for this time period helping your hair’s growth. 


Women that are pregnant often notice that their hair is growing fast and thick during their pregnancy, and some of that is because of the prenatal vitamins that they are taking to keep their baby healthy.  Taking prenatal vitamins are another way to help with your hair growth.  Folic acid is another good supplement that you can take to achieve these results.  Another vitamin that is pretty popular for hair growth is biotin, which is available as a supplement.  These will often help with your nail growth, as well.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a great natural item for your hair, and you may even have a plant in your house not realizing the benefits it could have for your hair.  Many people know that aloe vera is often used by people to help in healing and soothing minor burns and scrapes.  What you might not realize is that it can be good for your hair, and you can apply the gel straight from the plant.  If you are looking to up the ante, you can make a hair mask using coconut oil and aloe vera.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used for many things, and one of those include hair care.  Apple cider vinegar has a lot of beneficial uses for your hair.  It can act as a natural detangler, it seals your hair cuticle, it helps to get rid of itchy scalp along with dandruff and dryness, it helps to balance the pH of your scalp and hair, and it also encourages hair growth.  You can get these benefits by using a hair rinse made from it and water.  You will use a cup of water to two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar.  Put this mixture into a spray bottle, and use it after you shampoo your hair.  Some people even forgo the conditioner after rinsing out this mixture.  You will want to make sure that you do not get it into your eyes during the application or rinsing.  Don’t worry about your hair smelling like a salad afterward as the smell will dissipate as your hair dries.   

Evaluate Your Products

You probably use a lot of different products on your hair from shampoos to styling products.  You should be evaluating the products that you use to determine if they are optimizing your hair or not.  You can probably tell when you have bought a product that is not as effective as others that you have tried in the past.  It can be helpful to evaluate how your hair and your scalp feel after using something.  If you notice that it is drying out your scalp or having other negative effects on your hair, then you probably should stop using it.  A dry scalp is not what you want for your hair if you are looking to grow it out as fast as possible. 

Rapid System

If you have found your hair to be lacking, it can be helpful to get a proven product that works well for growing hair fast.  The Rapid Hair Growth System is comprised of a shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated to feed and nurture your hair.  Many of the items that are discussed in this list, such as vitamins and minerals have been infused in this product.  It works by hydrating your follicles and works to strengthen each strand to reduce breakage.  It has collagen, protein, whey, keratin, glycoproteins, amino acids, nutrients, and secret natural supplements that all work towards providing you with healthy and fast growing hair.  One big difference between this and some of the other products on the market is that they use many different nutrients to get your hair healthy to grow quickly. 

This comes in several sizes, so you can try it out to see how well it works for you, and evaluate it like you would any other product.  They also offer a money-back guarantee for your satisfaction with it.  This is something that not all hair products are willing to do for their customers. All you have to do is return the packaging; it can even be empty, along with a note as to what made you dissatisfied with the product.  This helps them work to improve their product and gives you the confidence to give it a try.  


It probably sounds pretty counter-intuitive that a guide to growing your hair fast without breaking the bank would include cutting your hair, but it’s true.  A trim to remove the split-ends and damage may not help your hair to grow faster, but it will prevent the split-ends from causing additional breakage to your hair.  It will also make the hair that you have look more amazing without these damaged areas.


Brushing can be good for your hair, and it can be bad for your hair.  Excessive brushing with the wrong brush is probably doing more damage than good to your hair.  Also, if you brush your hair while it is wet, you are damaging your hair.  You should try to pat it dry before brushing it, and if you must brush it while it is wet, you should use a wide-tooth comb to help prevent damage.

You might like to fall into bed to sleep without brushing your hair, and you may even think that you are doing your hair a favor by not brushing it.  This is actually a perfect time to be brushing your hair.  You don’t want to overbrush it, but you will want to give it a few strokes with your brush.  This will help your natural oils spread onto the strands which will moisturize them naturally.     

Abstain from Heat

You may be addicted to your hair dryer, curling iron, or flat iron, but your hair isn’t.  Your hair is being negatively impacted by the use of these products on it, and this could impact on how fast your hair is growing.  If you must use products that apply heat to your hair, you should be using a product that is meant to help your hair survive the damage that heat can cause to it.  


Dyeing and bleaching your hair can be very destructive to it.  These chemicals will weaken it, and that means that you could be facing more breakage than you would if you abstained from these products.  If you are seeking to get longer hair, you should probably end your chemical addiction and work on getting your hair healthy again. 


You might be sabotaging your hair length by the hairstyles that you are wearing, or more specifically, the items that you are using to achieve those hairstyles.  Hair ties that are worn in the same manner all the time can actually weaken your hair enough that they will break at that spot.  The same is true for some clips.  This means that if you like wearing your hair up using these products, you should change it up often to help prevent your hair from getting these weak spots.

Also, the exact style that you are wearing may be contributing to weakening your hair.  Pulling your hair tight into braids and other similar hairstyles can be harmful.  You will want to avoid overusing these types of hairstyles.


Swimming is a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon, but it could also be damaging your chances of growing the luscious locks you desire.  This is because the chemicals that are put into pools and saltwater can both have a damaging effect on your hair.  The sun can also further this damage.  If you can’t avoid your favorite hobby, you should either start wearing a swimmer’s cap or put a product on your hair to help protect it.  One great option is using coconut oil.  There are also some shampoos that are specifically for swimmers, and will help with the chlorine.  


Silk pillowcases are a great addition to your haircare routine.  A silk pillowcase will help your hair during the night by avoiding breakage, and stopping tangles before they can start.  Breakage is the complete opposite of what you are trying to accomplish, so minimize it with this simple change.

Doctor Visit

You may be doing everything right, and finding that you are still not seeing the results that you want to see with your hair.  That can be frustrating, but it may also be a sign that something is not right with your body.  It may be time to visit your healthcare professional to talk with them about your hair situation.  It is very possible that you have a deficiency that is keeping you from growing your hair out, or you may even have a health condition that is causing your hair not to grow as long as it could be growing.  It could be something as simple as a dry, itchy scalp or something more complex, so it is always better to speak with your doctor.  Once you have a better idea of what is going on with your body, you will be better able to make any necessary lifestyle changes needed, and get back to seeing how fast you can get your hair to grow.

These are a lot of little and big changes that you can make to your life to get your hair growing faster than ever in a way that won’t break the bank.  Your checkbook will thank you, and so will your hair.  It’s important to remember that beauty starts on the inside, so eating right and getting all the proper nutrients you need is a good way to get started on this path.  You’ll feel healthier than ever with more than just your hair.  Continue your quest for long hair by changing up those bad habits that are damaging your hair, and replace them with the proper ways to treat your hair.  Every little thing that you can do to stop damaging and weakening your hair will get your closer to your goal.  You may not find every one of these tips works for you and your lifestyle, but they can help guide you to what will work best for you and your hair growth.