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How to Grow Your Hair Longer and Get it Through the in-Between Period

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Most of us have our hair cut in some type of hairstyle and when it starts growing out, it always looks funny.  If you have a short pixie and you try to grow out your hair, it’s going to go all over the place.  If you have a bob and you start growing it out, chances are it’s going to start turning out instead of turning in.  And if you have bangs, they’re going to start getting in your eyes.  How do you grow your hair longer and get it through the in-between period?

Getting Through the In-Between Period

So many women want long hair but they don’t have the patience required to get their hair through the in-between period, even if they use a fast hair growth product.  Once your hair gets to be shoulder-length, it won’t be difficult to grow it anymore because the weight of the hair will be enough to keep it hanging down.  But until you get to that stage, you’re going to have to fight the urge to keep cutting it every couple of months.

To Trim or Not to Trim, That Is the Question!

Most stylists don’t make this process any easier because they keep recommending that you come back for a haircut every six or eight weeks.  Even if you’re trying to grow your hair, they recommend that you keep trimming it.  But the truth is that every time you go to a stylist, they cut more than you want them to!  Unless you really have a stylist whom you can trust, avoid cutting your hair too often.  Cut it when you get split ends or when it’s really gone out of shape.  But most of us can afford to wait six months before getting a haircut.  This way, you’ll give your hair a chance to grow.

Hair Color and Styles to Help You Grow Your Hair

If you’re really itching to try something different, you can color your hair instead.  Just keep in mind that permanent hair color will have to be renewed as your hair grows out.  So use it only if you really love the color.  Temporary hair colors are a good option because they wash out in six or eight weeks. 

And if you find that your hair is really getting in the way and looking unprofessional at work, try gelling it back and smoothing it into a ponytail or a small bun.  You can also try a side ponytail or a side bun, with a few strands of hair coming out at your forehead and framing your face.  Soon, you’ll find that your hair is long enough to let down without any product.

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