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How Could Shampoo Help My Hair Grow? Best Shampoo For Hair Growth

hair growth

You may have heard that hair is already dead when it leaves your scalp, so how could a shampoo help it grow?

There are two reasons. One is that hair needs your protecting, especially because the cells themselves are no longer growing and repairing. Your hair is like a delicate piece of antique cloth. While your hair won't change much after it has grown, you can effect it by being gentle with it and protecting it with a high quality shampoo that isn't too harsh.

The real reason, though, that shampoo can help your hair grow faster and better is that shampoo works on your scalp and a healthy scalp means healthier hair. It's like a garden. The soil from which your plants grow has to be healthy and well-tended. In the same way a healthy scalp will produce better hair and healthier hair is faster growing hair.

Not all shampoos are created equal, though.

The best shampoo for hair growth is one like  The Rapid Hair Growth System. It has been carefully constructed to contain the best balance of amino acids (the proteins hair is built from), vitamins, and herbs that stimulate hair growth. Combined with the Rapid Hair Growth Conditioner you can see 0.7 inches of growth a month while a normal rate maxes out at 0.5 a month. 

The Rapid Hair Growth system is, to continue the garden idea, like the best organic compost, enriching your hair right from its roots as it grows.

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