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8 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Fast That Your Grandmother Never Told You

Long, luxurious locks have always been a beauty staple, and women are always looking for ways to improve their hair.  There are plenty of YouTube videos and online tutorials of fascinating hairstyles that can only be done with long hair.  Are you looking for ways to improve your current hair length?  These tips are a great way to get your hair growing faster and healthier than ever before!

1. Cut It Regularly

Yes, it may sound counterintuitive to growing your hair longer faster, but cutting your hair is honestly a healthy step to take.  Getting a trim that removes your split ends will help your hair stay healthy with removing the problem areas.  You should have a trim about every three months or so taking less than an inch off.  This will keep your ends healthy before they have a chance to become badly split.

2. Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

Your skin is not the only part of your body that can be damaged by too much sun.  Your hair can also be impacted by not having sunscreen applied.  It can dry your hair out, and may even affect the color of it.  When going out in the sun, apply a sunscreen with UV protection to your hair.  The sprays that they make are a great route to take to protect your hair.  Adding this to your sunscreen routine will keep your hair looking top-notch.

3. Feed Your Hair and Scalp

It can be easy to forget that your hair is a part of your living body even though the shaft of hair is not considered “living” tissue.  At the hair root of every follicle are blood vessels that feed the hair to help it grow.  You should be feeding your scalp and by extension your hair, with hair care products that contains nutrients, amino acids, proteins, herbs, and vitamins.  Products like Rapid Step 1 clean your hair while enriching it to promote growth.  Following up with Rapid Step 2 to condition your hair will help to nourish your hair while keeping away sulfates that can damage it.

4. Feed Your Hair and Scalp Part 2

Grow Your Hair FastNot only can you feed your scalp by using the right beauty products externally, but you can also feed it internally.  There are some supplements that can help feed your scalp and hair the nutrients that it needs to grow.  Biotin is a supplement that can be taken by mouth in a variety of ways, such as vitamins or gummies, which will help promote the overall health of your hair with an added boost of making your nails grow, too.

5. Wet Hair

Wet hair is more fragile than it is in a dry state.  There many things that most women think of as normal shower routine that can damage hair.  Using a towel to dry your hair can damage your hair.  If you let your hair dry for a bit and gently press the water out, that will help to limit damage.  Brushing your hair when it is wet can cause it break.  You can work to limit damage by using a wide-tooth comb to carefully comb out your hair.  Start from the ends and work your way up.

6. Talk with Your Doctor

If you are having hard time growing your hair out, there may be an underlying condition that you need to speak with your doctor about the issue.  Some medical conditions can cause your hair to not be as healthy as it should be and can even cause you to start losing it in quantities that are more than normal.  Things like thyroid disorders, skin conditions, and autoimmune diseases are all potential culprits.

7. Cool Water in the Shower

A hot shower usually feels pretty good after a workout or hard day at work, but most people realize that all that steam can be harsh on the skin.  The same is true for your hair.  Rinse off with cool water at the end of your shower to help protect your hair.  The cool water will strengthen your hair while sealing the cuticle.

8. Heat Kills

hair-growthNo, heat might not be “killing” your hair since it’s not really living, but it is certainly damaging.  Using your curling iron, flat iron, and even your hair dryer can be harsh on your hair.  Try to cut down on how often you use these tools, and when you find that you must use them, use hair care products that are specifically meant to help prevent damage from heat.

Each of these tips can help you to grow your hair longer and healthier.  Damaging your hair from heat, not getting regular trims and other beauty no-no’s can keep your hair from getting as long as you desire it to be.  Your grandmother probably didn’t have all this science behind her when it came to how she handled her hair, but you do, so put it to good use.