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Rapid Slider Solutions


Grow Your Hair 3x Faster Per Month*

rapid  Fix Salon Mistakes or Change Hairstyles

rapid  Grow Fuller, Stronger Hair Faster

rapid  Guaranteed Growth or Your Money Back

Maximize Length, Minimize Time

The complete rapid system combines natural amino acids, proteins, and nutrients that accelerate hair growth by up to 3x your normal growth rate.

Never wait through another uncomfortable styling stage again! Growing into a new style? The Rapid System best hair growth products has you covered. Looking to fix a salon stylist’s misstep? No problem!

Humans experience up to .5 inches per month of new hair growth. With the Rapid System, your hair will grow up to three times as fast!* Instead of waiting for 6 months to grow in the 3 inches you need for a new style, the Rapid System will add the length you need in just 2 months!

Salon Style Strength And Clinically Proven Treatment
Without The Cost.

Here’s how the rapid system works…

A unique combination of proteins work together to hydrate hair follicles—the “roots” of your hair—strengthening individual strands to allow them to grow longer, reducing breakage, and encouraging faster hair growth.

Rapid Shampoo

Our unique formula includes…

rapid  Whey and Vegetable Protein to Hydrate and Strengthen Hair

rapid  Silk Proteins to Add a Transparent Protective Barrier and “Sheen”

rapid  Collagen to Reduce Breakage and Improve Elasticity

rapid  Keratin to Remove Free Radials and Reduce Split Ends and Frizz

rapid  Glycoproteins that Nourish Your Hair, And Prevent Hair Loss

rapid  And A Proprietary Blend of Natural Supplements To Encourage Growth

While our competitors promise similar results with just one or two of the complex hair growth and strengthening proteins included in the complete Rapid System, we have one of the only products available for less than $100 that combine all of these components into a unique hair growth formula.

5,000 Customers Have Experienced The Power Of The Rapid System With Results Up To 3 Inches Per Month!*

This isn’t theory (although the Rapid System is based on clinical research and testing), the Rapid System has been proven in the real world over and over again.

Over 5,000 customers from salons to celebrities rely on the Rapid System to grow into a new hair style or grow out of hair cut mistakes.

Additionally, because we don’t use any unnatural toxic chemicals in the Rapid System, you can use Rapid Step 1 Shampoo and Rapid Step 2 Conditioner daily to maintain the length and volume you achieve.


Will You Be Next?

Here’s your next step…

Click below to learn more about the complete Rapid System or click above to view Rapid Shampoo (Step 1) and Rapid Conditioner (Step 2) separately.

If you’re looking for optimal results, we suggest using Step 1 and Step 2 together as the complete system. You can purchase individual steps separately, but keep in mind that the Rapid formula was designed to be used as a Shampoo and Conditioning combination.

The Rapid System is the fastest hair growth accelerator on the market.

Even if you experience virtually no growth right now, we know that the Rapid System will help you grow at least 0.7 inches of hair per month. *With our empty-bottle guarantee, you can try the complete Rapid System risk free!

Rapid hair growth

That’s Up To 2 Inches Of Growth Per Month!

3-4 Times The Average Hair Growth Rate!*